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Articles in Journals

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Art Quarterly

"Hass Clavichord"

Early Music

"Capriol's Revenge" (with James Blades) (1972, 84-92)

"Early Percussion Techniques" (1974, 20-4)

"The Authentic Sound of Early Music" (1975, 242-3)

"Beverley Minster Reconsidered" (1978, 401-14)

"The Restored Chapter House Wall Paintings in Westminster Abbey" (1988, 239-49)

"The Crozier of William of Wykeham" (2002, 540-62)

"The Macclesfield Psalter" (2006, 189-204)

"Musical Instruments in Hans Memling's Paintings" (2007, 505-523)

"Sale Rooms", a regular series from 1984-2005.

Journal of Egyptian Archaeology

"On one of Tutankhamon's Trumpets" (64, 1978, 133-4) [Also in GSJ 29, 1976, 115-7]


"A Proposed New Classification System for Musical Instruments" (with John Burton) (15:1, 1971)

Galpin Society Journal

"On the Reconstruction of Medieval Instruments of Percussion" (23, 1970, 104-14)

"A Query on the Habits of Instrument Makers" (27, 1974, 135-7)

"The Construction of the Midwinterhoorn" (28, 1975, 71-80)

"An Oboe by Hendrick Richters" (43, 1990, 124-34)

"Was the Tabor Pipe always as we know it?" (50, 1997, 16-30)

"How old is Music?" (57, 2004, 171-82)

"The Creation of New Instruments" (59, 2006, 3-11)

"Medieval Woodwind Instruments of Silver" (60, 2007, 224-8)

Historic Brass Society Journal

"Organology again: this time Ethno-organology" (15, 2003, 1-5)


"What is a Gong?" (1965:5, 18-21)


"The Oxford Gamelan" (1985)

Cornett and Sackbut

"Early Mouthpieces" (1, 1979, 4-7)

The Strad

"A Tubular Bow by William Retford" (March, 1984)

Vierundzwanzigsteljahrschrift der Internationalen Maultrommelvirtuosengenossenschaft

"Trumps in the Bate Collection" (5, 1996, 106-10)

"Collection of Jeremy Montagu, Oxford: Trumps or Jews Harps - 121.2" (5, 1996, 111-25)

Voprosy Instrumentovedenia

"The Conch. Its Use and its Substitutes from Prehistory to the Present Day" (3, 1997, 19-23)

World Archaeology

"The conch in prehistory: pottery, stone, and natural". (1981, 273-9, pl 11-18)

Yearbook for Traditional Music

"The ForkedShawm - an Ingenious Invention" (29, 1997, 74-9)


Conference Papers

Many unpublished conference papers are available here as Downloads

"Mouthpiece Development of the bronze lur and its musical consequences", The Bronze Lurs, 211-15.

"The Availability of Musical Instruments in Museums", Per una carta europea del restauro, (Ed. Elena Barassi & Marinella Laini), Olschki, 1987, 369-80.

"Influència musulmana a la Peninsula Ibèrica: Exemple de les il-lustracions de les Cantigas de Santa Maria", La Música Àrab a la Mediterrània (Ed. Josefina Roma), Barcelona: Institut Europeu de la Mediterrània, 2005, 99-106

Sections of Part Works

How Music Works (ed Keith Spence & Giles Swayne), Macmillan, 1981: "Revival of Old Music".

The Arts of Britain (ed Edwin Mullins), Phaidon, 1983: "Musical Instruments".

Companion to Baroque Music (ed Julie Ann Sadie), Dent 1990, OUP 1998: "Musical Instruments".

 publication for IJV, as yet untitled"Why I joined Independent Jewish Voices".

Entries in Encyclopaedias, etc

Dizionario Enciclopedico Universale della Musica e dei Musicisti (1984) - 4 entries.

Everyman's Encyclopaedia (Dent, c.1976) - 64 entries.

The New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments (1984) - 20 entries.

The Newer Grove Dictionary (2004) - 5 entries.

Oxford Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Arts, ed. John Julius Norwich, (1990) - all the musical instrument entries.

Oxford Companion to Music, ed Alison Latham, (2002) - all the musical instrument entries.

Musical Instruments, Microsoft CD-ROM, consultant editor.


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