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Supplement to Reed Instruments - the Montagu Collection: An Annotated Catalogue (Lanham, Scarecrow Press, 2001). Download. (1 mb)

A CD-ROM with illustrations of all the instruments in the book is available only from the Author. These are arranged in two complete series, one typologically so that you can see all the shawms, for example, in one series; the other page by page so that you can see what the instruments look like as you read the book.

An acoustical problem

As Like as Two Peas

Collecting Musical Instruments

Corrections for Diagram Group 'Musical Instruments of the World'

Did shawms exist in antiquity?

Don't go overboard about ivory

Drum rhythms for dance music.

Ellis at Belfast.

FoMRHI history

The Galpin Oboe

Historical Instruments and their Role

Hypothesis on the Symphony

Metal-covered threads before 1600 (by Gwen Montagu)

Some manuscripts in the British Library with Instruments

The Oldest Organ in Christendom

Pottery Skeuomorphs of Conches in Antiquity

Provision of Plans

Secret Aerophones

On the Skill of Viennese Brass Instrument Makers

Tuning and Tempering

What do we mean by 415?

What can we expect museums to allow?

Why ethno-organology?

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